My therapeutic approach is to help you fully process and integrate all parts of yourself. I provide a safe space for you to practice using your voice and setting boundaries. Throughout our work together I will guide you as you explore deeper healing and develop an innate ability to listen to the wisdom of your body. Psychotherapy services are available to residents of Pennsylvania only. 

Parent Coaching

I am a certified Peaceful Parenting Instructor, a Circle of Security Facilitator and am trained in the SPACE protocol (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions). I have also completed extensive coursework with Dr. Gordon Neufeld through The Neufeld Institute. 

 I help parents all over the world discover more about themselves and their children. Together we develop loving, intentional, practical strategies to address unwanted behaviors. I teach parents how to work with their child’s desire for belonging and significance, and empower them to be the sturdy leader their child needs. 

We all want to lead with love. I will work with you to support and encourage you as you begin to implement new strategies and techniques to bring peace back into your home.